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Barrus Projects
Global Project Logistics Provider, Logistics management (3PL). Turnkey solutions for transportation of general and oversized goods by the various modes of transport: air, sea, river-sea and river transport, rail, road, multi modal transportation. Project management, the logistics operator. Development of freight transport process flow diagrams, specifications, plans, organizational-technical actions, work schedules, etc. Integrated solutions for consolidation, warehousing and storage of cargoes in ports of transshipment, distribution. Freight operations,
customs operations and obtaining of classification decisions. Cargo delivery on winter roads up to oil and gas fields. Service-management of delivery of project cargoes "door-to-door".

Alexey Mamykin, Head of Business Development O&G Dep.
+7 (910) 0021512
Dzamilya Degilevich, Director Business Development
+7(495)775-3747, ex. 4277

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10, bld.1, 1-st Volokolamskiy pr.

+7 495 7753747

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